The #1 definition of "fitness" given by is just one word: health.

I have created this site to help you get healthy, not just lose weight or run long distances well. An exerciser who eats poorly is going to be in poor health. A thin person who doesn't exercise is going to be prone to illness and have a lower quality of life.


The benefits of exercise are manifold. There are also many benefits to eating well. Weight loss that is a product of exercise and good nutrition is very healthy. It can prevent illness, heart disease, diabetes and even lower your risk of cancer. It can boost your energy, eliminate depression, and improve your outlook on life.

Weight loss that is a product of undereating can kill you!


Exercise for those over 40 can restore many abilities you thought you'd lost. Playing with the kids, getting out of bed full of energy, or even just changing clothes or putting on your shoes with ease. It can prevent injuries, improve your balance, and lower your blood pressure.

Or it can severely injure you!

Fitness is a slow process. You did not get out of shape overnight, and if you want to be healthy, you will not get in shape overnight.

This web site is all about lifestyle changes that you will love and be able to stick to for the rest of your life!

I once read about a scientist who studied wildlife in the Amazon jungle. She was 52, and she said she felt like she was in her 20's.

I don't know if I believe she really felt like she was in her 20's, but I do know that if you follow the advice on this site, you can avoid injuries, limit your aches and pains, prevent illness, think more clearly, improve your memory, and have the energy to live your life with zest.


Yes, you can do all this with exercise and a proper diet. And you can enjoy it!

Contrary to Mark Twain's claim, not everything that will help you live longer will make you regret being alive.

So go to Getting Started to see the two routes to fitness we've prepared for the two different types of people we've run into: those who want information to make their own plans—brief and to the point—and those who want a plan already made for them.

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All fitness, exercise, or diet programs should be undertaken under the advice of a doctor. This site makes no claims to be providing medical or any other professional advice. See our legal notice.