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One of the worst things you can do when looking at an online diet programs is to panic and rush into a fad diet or an online diet plan that promises to help you lose pounds quickly without considering your overall health.

Don't fall victim to the sales pitches and empty promises promoted by some people with free online diets looking to add you to their mailing list and charge you a small up-front fee for their book or online software package. Free or not, these are just hooks with enough bait to reel you into their net of perpetual spending on products and services that they are getting rich from.

Their motivation is wealth and not your overall health and nutrition.

Take your time looking around and slow down. It took you a quite a while to pack on those extra pounds, and it will take you a while to remove them, too. If you are looking and spending time examining diet programs you will find that there are some reasonable, healthy alternatives to the ever-so-popular, quick-fix diet plans.

Remember this: Your body will be your best guide to bring you back into good health and help you remove the excess weight.

Listen to your body, and don't be influence by your cravings. Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting a diet program. Your personal needs, health, ailments, and health conditions may prevent you from embarking on some fad diet or fast weight loss program.

The primary keys to a balanced healthy diet are:


You must drink water and plenty of it to wash out toxins and hydrate your body so it can function correctly. Most eating plans recommend somewhere between 8 glasses a day (64oz. or about 1.9 liters) and a gallon per day. The the "8 x 8 rule" is what you should start with (8 glasses X 8oz. size = 64oz. of water) and add more for when you exercise or live in higher elevations.

Women who are pregnant should also drink more water each day.


People who want to lose weight or who want to develop a good plan for eating and staying healthy need to start and continue to exercise regularly. You don't have to pump weights, join the gym or employ a personal trainer. You need to get off your back side and start moving around more. You can read more about some simple and effective ways to do that on our exercise pages.


A proper healthy food plan is necessary for your overall success at any diet or lifestyle change you want to start on. Eating meals in moderation is a good rule of thumb and will help you stay within the boundaries of healthy nutritional intake.

Take your meals in smaller portions, 4-5 times a day, and you will find you are not having to fight your cravings as much. Your body will maintain a more balanced level of wellness.

Snack on veggies and fruits. A handful of nuts or grapes will curb that craving for chewing or sweets. (Careful on the nuts! Healthy though they may be, they are one of the highest calorie foods you can eat.) Moderation is the key.

There are some basics which we have addressed and presented for you in a well-rounded free online diet program. These can be found in other places on the web through various forms and diets, but we have personally used the

free diet plan and it works.

Click Here to go to our free diet plan and get started with you new life style.

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