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Over 40 Fitness Tips is a big site with a lot of useful fitness, diet, and motivation advice.

How do you get started making good use of this site? What exactly are we recommending? What's at the heart of our fitness tips?

We've found there are two types of people ...


In addition, make use of both our Fitness Motivation page to help you follow through on whichever exercise program you choose, and our free diet tips for ways to maintain your chosen diet plan without being too radical or too hungry.

Learn and Make Your Own Diet Plan


Start at our Lose Weight for Free page because it will give you the motivational tips that will allow you not to just to choose what you eat, but to actually eat what you choose (rather than failing and binging).


Armed with the advice you need to follow through on your chosen diet, go straight to the nutrition section to learn accurate and reliable facts about nutrition that are actually backed up by studies that look at real people and the results they have gotten.

Learn and Make Your Own Exercise Plan

Fitness Exercises gives you a few basic exercises essential for preventing injuries and general aches and pains. These will make growing old easier! Don't miss them!. They focus on preventing back pain, falls, and knee pain. There's just a few, they're easy to remember, and they can be done quickly as you have a minute here and there.

A person making their own exercise plan needs lots to choose from and will almost certainly need to change exercises regularly for the sake of keeping it interesting.

Start with our fitness motivation tips. These will not only teach you how to get and stay motivated, but also give you an introduction to what's important.

From there, go to our exercise section to learn how to make a well-rounded exercise program for yourself. Plenty of exercises to choose from!

Ready-Made, Out-of-the-Box Plan

Our own ready-made, out-of-the-box plan is on hold (but see next paragraph). I have taken a two-year hiatus from working on this site due to a battle with acute leukemia, which it appears God has graciously allowed me to win. (Well, it would be more fair to say that my doctors, caretaker (my wife), and friends won for me.) Doug has moved on to other things, and I have just returned to working on this site and my other in 2013.

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I did finish my history book on the Council of Nicea before I went down. Any history I write is in story form and captivating. See the reviews on the page I just linked, or on Amazon, though you can get the book or ebook much cheaper at

That said, I am not afraid to advise a low-carb, high-protein diet like the Atkins diet, though the Atkins diet is hardly the only example anymore. Studies have repeatedly shown, to most doctors' surprise, that such diets improve every number related to heart disease. People lose weight on low-carb diets.

Two examples of that, without specifically looking up studies are:

  • I used to get a "Nutrition News in Focus" newsletter from the editor of Nutrition, a prestigious peer-reviewed journal. He reported on a study of the Atkins diet specifically, and he was quite surprised by the results.
  • There is a movie called Fathead, available for streaming on Netflix, in which a guy eats only at fast food restaurants for one month. He is careful, however, to limit his calories and to eat a low-carb diet. It is fascinating to see the utter surprise when his doctor checks him at the end of the month. I know what would happen, because low calories means weight loss (which is why low-carb diets work), and I've seen the studies showing the improvement in triglycerides and cholesterol.

The problem with low-carb diets is that no one sticks to them longer than a year. The solution is during that year to educate yourself on diet, which you can do on this site in the nutrition section and the Weight Loss section.

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