Types of Fat

  • Saturated fats: These are the bad guys. These are what drive your bad cholesterol up and thus lead to clogged arteries and heart disease. No one is certain whether we need any of these at all, though it's possible a little may be good. They're found in meats and other animal products, like milk and butter.
  • Saturated fats only come from meats!

    There is little that is more annoying to me than reading "no saturated fat" on a peanut butter jar. Of course there's no saturated fat! It's peanut butter, not beef or pork butter!

    All peanut butter has no saturated fat. You have to have meat to have saturated fat!

  • Polyunsaturated fats: These are good guys. They're not bad for you unless you get too much of them.
  • Monousaturated fats: These are the really good guys. These raise your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol. The well-known monounsaturated fats are olive and canola oil.
  • Hydro- or techno-fats: These fats are created by a process called hydrogenation. This makes otherwise liquid vegetable oils congeal so they don't ooze out of processed foods. These have the same effect on the body as saturated fats.
  • Brown fat: This is a really bad guy. You don't eat it. Your body creates it inside your abdomen to roughly match the amount of fat that is on your belly. It produces horrible chemicals that increase all the risk factors for heart attacks. Brown fat is the reason why people with potbellies have a lot higher risk of heart attack than people who carry their weight on their hips.

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