Weight Loss

Our weight loss section will give you everything you need to lose weight for free in a healthy and nutritious way and to overcome any lack of willpower you may have.

There are two approaches to weight loss, made for the two types of people we have run into. The first, briefly and in an easy to understand way, gives you the information you need to make a diet plan suited to your lifestyle and willpower. The second provides you with a recommended diet plan that you can simply follow.

Free Diet Tips for Creating a Plan Suitable to Your Lifestyle

Both these pages are replete with diet tips that will allow you to overcome lack of motivation and binges, the greatest downfall for those pursuing weight loss. They will also guide you into nutritious habits so that you will not only be slim, but healthy!

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Please also take the time to look at our undereating page. These will give you accurate guidelines for getting sufficient nutrition while you diet, avoiding the "starvation response," and helping to prevent eating disorders.

Free Diet Plans I Recommend

AARP's "New American Diet" fits the principles that I teach on this site. I only discovered this in March, 2013, but for those than need a diet plan, I feel good recommending this.

On a temporary basis, for the sake of weight loss and improved health, I recommend any low-carbohydrate diet. Studies repeatedly show that low-carb diets work excellently, and perhaps even best, for weight loss and for improving triglycerides, cholesterol, and other indicators for heart disease. This is counter-intuitive to scientists and nutritionists, and probably counter-intuitive to the rest of us as well, but it is well supported by research.

I emphasize "on a temporary basis" because studies also show that after a year almost all dieters abandon their low-carb diet and gain all their weight back. The "New American Diet" is sustainable.

I also discuss a diet plan similar to low-carb diets called the Paleolithic diet.


Don't forget our Fitness section. While diet is the most effective means of losing weight, exercise is the most effective means of keeping weight off. Exercise is also essential to a healthy lifestyle. Don't lose weight only to be slim and unhealthy!

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All fitness, exercise, or diet programs should be undertaken under the advice of a doctor. This site makes no claims to be providing medical or any other professional advice. See our legal notice.